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Introducing  Aya's Loop

(Artwork samples as shown below)

Brand new visual novel game that is still under active development.

The game itself talks about how big women(fat) can still do whatever they want such as; walking on a catwalk, sports, makeups and of course, a good ole wild romance. Any typical that youngsters usually do as part of their lives, these gorgeous, mature big and beautiful women can do it as well, and yes, there will be a bunch of fatties in this game.

(In-game screenshots)

The motivation behind the making of Aya's Loop was inspired by the lack of mature romance genre in visual novel scene, thus the idea of Aya's Loop was born. As many visual novel out there, it will feature multiple branching as well as multiple ending. development of Aya's Loop.
Although it is labelled as "Mature Romance" genre, there are a bunch of comedies and mature jokes in it.

(In-game Config and Menu choices UIs)

The music arrangements are carefully picked to get the 90s vibes along with their charm so it mixes well with the game (heavily inspired by Sega Saturn & Dreamcast visual novels).

(In-game mini game sample)

Currently the project status is nearing 70% of completion. Hope for the best it can be completed this year. Also, I post updates mostly on Twitter. Please follow the Twitter link below:

Aya's Loop Twitter

New demo builds available for both Mac & Windows & Linux.

NOTE: Linux build is experimental. It may or may not run on your distro.

Install instructions

To play the demo on Windows, Extract the zip file and run the "Aya's Loop.exe". Mac users just run the .app as usual. Thanks


Demo - Windows_x64-v002

Development log

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